Jenn Lemon
Board member since 2021
Jenn Lemon is an experienced financial analyst, CPA, and a general ledger & financial reporting expert with over 9 years of experience in the business and tech industry.
As a Senior Financial Analyst at SEPHORA’s San Francisco-based headquarters, she works on budgeting and projections for retail occupancy on a national level. Her professional interests are driven by finding cost and efficiency savings within multiple areas of the business. In addition to her work experience, she is a passionate supporter and advocate of the arts and entertainment industry.
A Washington-native, she was heavily influenced by the independent music scene of the Pacific Northwest. Either through the live college acts in her hometown of Bellingham or the KEXP-supported music scene of Seattle, music has played a vital role in her life. Her goal by joining the board is to leverage her unique talents to support San Francisco’s rich music culture through community radio.
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