The Board

The board meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at Pop's Bar, York Street in San Francisco.


William Craven, President of the Board

Will is a senior consultant at the Straubel Foundation.

Will presents the show I Luv Mondays.

Ben Ward, Secretary Technical Director

Ben Ward has been a member of the community since 2014, presenting two shows and lead redevelopment of the website in 2017. He's been a software engineer and product manager for over 15 years, working for some of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley and his native UK. As the Technical Director he chairs the volunteer technical committee, oversees all technical strategy for the station, and ensures instracture inventments are aligned with the station goals.

Ben presents No Magic.

Amanda Guest Founder & General Manager

Amanda Guest is the founder and station manager of She has been involved in college and community radio since 1994, becoming a DJ on WMWM 91.7fm as a freshman at Salem State University. Guest launched in 2013 out of a love of indie music and community radio, and because she wanted to create a place where a whole new generation of post-collegiate music nerds could unite and geek-out over awesome new music.

After all these years and changes in how it's delivered — from terrestrial broadcast to online streaming — Guest still believes in the power of community radio to play a positive role in our local music scene.

Amanda presents the Top 30.

Tom Tierney

Tom is the owner of Pop's Bar, in San Francisco.