Irving Pham

The board of directors guides the strategic direction and long-term sustainability of the station to advance our vision of building powerful community radio for San Francisco. The board’s leadership helps ensure that our mission, values, and our superpowers of positivity and inclusion are embodied in everything we do.

The Treasurer of the Board is responsible for the accounting and banking for, while always thinking about how the organization’s finances connect with the overall mission.


Attending and contributing to all board meetings

  • Distributing key financial documentation to all board members, including Profit and Loss statements, and financial projections

    • Being prepared to explain all outstanding debts and bills at any time

  • Maintaining a close working relationship with other key board members to provide financial documents upon request for purposes of grant writing, external communications, development of board agendas, and record keeping

Maintaining accountability for the’s financial state, and ensuring the organization’s financial solvency

  • Managing cash flow and reconciling bank statements

    • Making recommendations based on financial trends within the organization such as payment schedules

  • Conducting an annual audit and preparing the audit report

  • Working with Executive Director to prepare the annual budget

  • Leading the development of financial policies which can include but are not limited to

    • Who can access funds

    • Who has check-signing authority

    • How expenses get reimbursed

    • Use of the organization’s credit card and handling of small cash expenses

Being an ambassador of and advocating its mission to internal and external stakeholders

  • Cultivating and soliciting individual gifts

  • Contributing towards ongoing recruitment of board members

  • Participating in an annual performance review of the President/Executive Director

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