Chair of the Board

Amanda Guest

The board of directors guides the strategic direction and long-term sustainability of the station to advance our vision of building powerful community radio for San Francisco. The board’s leadership helps ensure that our mission, values, and our superpowers of positivity and inclusion are embodied in everything we do.

The Chair of the Board shall, if present, preside over all meetings of the board, act as a liaison between the board and the president to help ensure the board’s directives and resolutions are carried out, and exercise and perform such other powers and duties as may be from time to time prescribed by the board.


Leadership of the board

  • Setting priorities and creating agendas for board meetings

  • Presiding over board meetings

  • Ensuring the board has approved policies to help ensure sound and compliant governance and management of the organization

Partnership with the President/Executive Director, working with her to

  • Lead the development and refinement of impact metrics

  • Assess the performance of the board and its committees

  • Ensure the board’s directives, policies, and resolutions are carried out

Being an ambassador of and advocating its mission to internal and external stakeholders

  • Cultivating and soliciting major foundation grants and individual gifts

  • Assuring ongoing recruitment, development, and contributions of board members

  • Coordinating an annual performance review of the President/Executive Director

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