Board Secretary

Brandon Paski

The board of directors guides the strategic direction and long-term sustainability of the station to advance our vision of building powerful community radio for San Francisco. The board’s leadership helps ensure that our mission, values, and our superpowers of positivity and inclusion are embodied in everything we do.

The Secretary of the Board ensures all rules and bylaws are adhered to by the board during meetings and are reflected in the implementation of board decisions. The secretary is also in charge of all of record keeping and maintenance of any important documentation.


Attending and recording all board meetings

  • Creating and distributing meeting agendas prior to each board meeting, based on feedback from the President/Executive Director and Board Chair.

  • Distributing key documentation to all board members

  • Recording minutes at all board meetings

  • Ensuring all documentation related to is safety stored and filed in a timely manner

Maintaining accountability of as an organization

  • Ensuring all activities and items brought forward for voting are in compliance with the Best Frequencies, Inc. bylaws before proceeding

Being an ambassador of and advocating its mission to internal and external stakeholders

  • Cultivating and soliciting individual gifts

  • Contributing towards ongoing recruitment of board members

  • Participating in an annual performance review of the President/Executive Director

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