August 2018

Present: Eddie, Noel, Mai, Forrest, Will

Absent: Ben, Ian, Tom, Amanda

Convened at 7:35 PM

Forrest - Sustainer update, we are ahead on dollars but behind on people

Birthday lead in - pledge drive, etc.

Mai asked if we would accept donations in kind - Forrest isn’t opposed but how would we turn that into a benefit for the station. Mai - is there anything we can do to convert them if they decline? Will - can we get them to sign up to be a bestie? Mai - Maybe we set up a business bestie for $25 a month?

Forrest - other community radio gathers quite a bit in donations basically because they go out there and ask for it. Mai - we need to build relationships. Forrest - are there any small actions we can take to get there from here? Mai - we should write thank you notes Forrest - we have a volunteer who is doing that, is there anything else we can do to move forward?

Will - this might not be a good time to do strategy, but maybe we need to set up a committee structure?

Will - Can we set up a item dropoff? Mai, Noel - yes, this can happen. Forrest - would they leave it at the alley? Will - I can set it up so the items are donated directly to the listeners.

Forrest - ran through the schedule. Noel - bestie bash is not on the calendar. TODO: forrest to put it on the calendar.

Ian not present for google ads update

Will - newsletter is the same, will probably move to Darcy’s profile or one show, rather than a bunch of archives, since that was the most amount of work but least amount of clickthrough. Events will be the focus with one show profile. The email list is probably the most tapped out funding source.

Eddie - Dunk tank? Dunk the DJ out on capp st?

Forrest - Discussed financials. We have more money than we did last month, July total profit around $2000

Forrest - Engineering update: we bought new windscreens. Also, we are looking into a new HLS stream

Forrest - New space discussion

There is a doc with most of the information. We need to plan. Total rent for a new space would be $2,500. We pay $1,875 for the spaces in the alley. We would have to reduce the studio counts at the alley to one or none. Big pro: we’d be on the street, and listeners could just walk in. Big pro: we’d have a 5 year lease. Big Con: We’d have to build out the space (though we may be able to get specific funding). Con: We’d have to separate from the alley. Board thinks we should continue to investigate, and refine the plan for money/time.

Will - we had talked about setting priorities, maybe we should focus on that after September. Forrest - this would help us, if we had programs and priorities, it may help with financial planning.

Board member task: suggest several businesses to approach for sponsorships/donations

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM

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