December 2018

December 13, 2018

Convened at: 7:36 PM

Attending: Mai Le, Amanda Guest, Eddie Codel, Forrest Guest, Noel von Joo, Will Craven

Not attendance: Ian McPhee, Tom Tierney

Winter fundraiser update: $8,000 raised, but net zero besties (4 new besties, 4 unsubscribed during the same period). On giving Tuesday, we got a $2,500 grant from a foundation employee who chose to give us the money for his birthday. Mai suggested we meet with him in person, and volunteered to reach out.

Amanda met with the City of SF consulting firm who is building a music strategy for the city. There isn’t much detail yet, but we will keep in touch with the process. Many of the attendees are tertiary connections to the station. One of the consultants mentioned that was mentioned at least once at every roundtable done so far.

The strategic plan is still moving forward, but is not yet complete. The preliminary interviews have been complete, but the consultant is traveling for the holidays.

The content marketing strategy is complete, and volunteers have been recruited for the content marketing committee. We have about 8 people already producing content. Ben will be looking into building out the content sections for the website.

Financial Report looks good, things are up. We have approximately $30,000 in the bank.

Technical report doesn’t have much new this month. We are looking into putting more guest mics in studio B and a set of turntables.

The phone app is under development, and the analytics console from the streaming provider will get more attention.

We had an internet outage this month, and are exploring some options for backup internet. No concrete plans have been made.

We have a 50% open rate for the newsletter, and things have looked good since we split the informational newsletter from the events and giveaways newsletter. We’ve switched from mailchimp to mixmatch for fundraising emails, which should get a better open rate.

Adjourned at: 8:23 PM

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