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June 2019

June 27th 2019, San Francisco


Prior to the meeting, please add items for discussion here:
  1. 1.
    Review Agenda
  2. 2.
    Committee Updates
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    2. 2.
    3. 3.
  3. 3.
    Mush Report
  4. 4.
    Board Profiles
  5. 5.
    Fundraising/Summer Sustainer Update
  6. 6.
    Action Items for Next Month


Scribe: Ben Ward
Convene as Best Frequencies, Inc. Board of Directors
  • Ben Ward
  • Amanda Guest
  • Tom Tierney
  • Guest: Forrest Guest

19:15: Finances & Fundraising

  • Reviewed annual finances w/ Forrest (treasurer.)
  • Events are currently costs. Should we consider ways in the future to tie specific fundraising to events: e.g. dedicated fundraiser for Bestie Bash
  • Or, would love for the event to be free (paid for somehow), with possibility of dedicating the events to raise for another cause.

Mush. “A financial suck”

  • We’re half way through.
  • Moving from Marina Lawn to Ferry Lawn.
  • Ferry Lawn hosts successful movie night, will cross-promote.
  • Bar breaking even; not significant income to BFF as hoped.
  • Expect to come out of this about flat — which wasn’t the plan but not a disaster.
  • Some investment in equipment — can reuse for Bestie Bashes, back-up, etc.
  • Volunteers
    • Reasonable participation from DJs

19:40. Post townhall thoughts.

  • Lots of people want to be on committees
  • Few people want to run committees
  • Pretty dependent on Amanda to kick off each of these things.
  • Throwin’ Bo’s
    • Discovered us through Bestie Bash
    • Interested in doing a show
    • Might be able to help promote shows
    • Will meet with them; then convene committee
  • Tech
    • Haven’t convened committee yet.
    • Working on website hosting
    • Reviewing analytics & alerting platform for site reliability

Summer Sustainer

  • We’re not hitting the goal
  • Short lead time, not many people participating
  • New DJs are killing it!
  • Still confident that if everyone participated we could hit the goal — every DJ needs < 1 bestie.
  • We need a development director to scale up

Board effectiveness

  • Next time (without Will in absentia) we’ll try to nail down more specifically our roles, try and take an action item each month.
  • Establish standard reporting for each member/committee.

Action Items

  • Tom
    • Set up event sponsor meetings
    • Will follow up with accountants w/r/t/ treasurer position.
    • Help Rome set up underwriting efforts
  • Ben
    • Convene the tech committee
  • Amanda
    • Research and reach out regarding committee structures for review next board meeting.
    • Sync with our pro bono consultant who helped with the strategic plan and figure out next specs.
    • Focus on the development director position. Could we hire someone on a contract?
  • Will
    • Plan the agenda for next month
20:38 — Meeting adjourned.