October 2019

October 24th 2019, San Francisco


Prior to the meeting, please add items for discussion here:

  1. Review Agenda

  2. Committee Updates

    1. Tech

    2. Content

    3. Others

  3. Finance Update

  4. Fundraising

    1. End of Year Plan

    2. Donor Matching

  5. Demographic Survey

  6. Annual Report


Scribe: Ben Ward


  • Amanda Guest, General Manager

  • Ben Ward, Secretary, Technical Director

  • Will Craven, President of the Board

  • Tom Tierney

18:23 - Committee Updates

  • Promotions

    • Amanda met with Madi and Ana and they’re going to take over the Pop’s Nights. Good connections to DJs in Oakland.

    • New night w/ name and brand; projected visuals. More of an “event”.

    • Planning Silent Auction for Giving Tuesday (12/3)

    • Throwing Bo’s night was good; well curated, crossover attendance from Besties Bash audience.

    • Trying to get more active committee activity around events generally, working together, rather than individuals owning separate events.

  • Tech:

    • Server migration is done.

    • We’re testing the new analytics stack — it seems cost effective but it’s not stable enough yet to endorse.

    • Committee met; small turnout but means we’ve started and can start setting project priorities.

    • Forrest installed a new mix engine. Next step is to get new things connected to it.

  • Fundraising:

    • Giving Tuesday is December 3rd.

    • Caro working on donors list for campaign targeting.

    • We want to run dedicated campaigns to have people upgrade their donations. Need to review the technology for this (Kindful vs. manual.)

    • We’re considering launching the fundraiser at the start of November. Might delay until mid-November to get various technical things in place.

    • We’ll have a target $15K for this campaign. Need to decide what we’ll do if we hit the goal early.

    • Working on putting together the match fund.

    • Working on ways to incentivise more DJ participation.

  • Content:

    • Amanda is working with Lily exploring ideas around podcasting — both production of one to distribute station content, and curation of community podcasts.

19:33 - Annual Report

  • What do we need to prepare for this? Make sure we’re ahead on it.

  • Required as a non-profit, needs to be published by eo January 2020.

  • Includes:

    • Budget report.

    • Strategic initiatives and work we’ve done toward it.

      • Some stories/reports that encapsulate the work toward initiatives.

    • Demographic coverage.

    • Let people know that they made a good investment.


    • Ben

      • Check stats on banner ad

      • Set up donation/reward system for this year

      • Get a resolution on the Analytics Stack

    • Amanda

      • Running the fundraiser.

    • Will

      • PR for Giving Tuesday event.

19:49 — Meeting adjourned.

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