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November 2019

November 21st 2019, San Francisco


Prior to the meeting, please add items for discussion here:
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    Review Agenda
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      Campaign Progress
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    Committee Updates
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Scribe: Ben Ward
  • Amanda Guest, General Manager
  • Ben Ward, Secretary, Technical Director
  • Will Craven, President of the Board
  • Tom Tierney

18:10 - Fundraising

  • Matching fund: we’re halfway to our goal!
    • Some high-priority donor engagement is still ongoing.
    • Generally, brought in significantly more this month than previous years.
  • Gala planning is ongoing
    • Scheduled for Giving Tuesday, Dec 3rd.
    • Will has reached out to various local publications and sources to promote the event.
    • Event is listed and pre-selling tickets.
    • Show is being advertised on Instagram.
  • Started working with a grant writer from Krebs.
    • We’re applying for 3/4 grant applications.
    • Some are project-based, but aligned with existing station operations.
  • 28 day social campaign is being prepared — will also launch Dec 3rd.
  • Also, we’ll be drafting a budget for 2020.

18:31 - Board Development

  • We’ll kick off a dedicated board recruitment effort in early 2020.

19:00 - Tech committee update

  • Mostly doing infrastructure updates
  • Need to prioritise projects for 2020
  • Self-hosted analytics isn’t going great, will ask community for recommendations
  • We should review our stream-hosting options as the current contract is up.

19:11 - Events & Mush

  • No MUSH 2020 news yet.
  • New contacts for the Ferry Building in SF.
  • Contacts at Salesforce Park to pursue too.
  • We’ll pursue all of these and likely tie them to grant applications.

19:16 - Storage

  • Flagging: We’re out of storage space, so might need to start renting a storage unit, especially if we invest in a Live performance kit.


    • All
      • Identify possible large donors ($1000/$500/$250) to tie into Giving Tuesday.
      • Gift cards etc. for the event.
19:23 — Meeting adjourned.