January 2020

January 16th 2020, San Francisco


Prior to the meeting, please add items for discussion here:

  1. Review Agenda

  2. Budget

  3. Annual Report Presentation & Rewards

  4. Fundraiser Postmortem

  5. New Partnerships


Scribe: Ben Ward


  • Amanda Guest, General Manager

  • Ben Ward, Secretary, Technical Director

  • Will Craven, President of the Board

  • Tom Tierney


  • Forrest Guest, Treasurer

18:24 - Budget

  • Books are balanced and the budget is published.

  • 2019 goal was to get to a budget of $100,000. We met the goal! Made the goal on top of our largest one-of donation.

  • Budget is primarily spent on people and programming.

  • Discussed how Amanda’s salary should grow. She’s underpaid compared to this kind of position in a more established organization, but we also want to keep our people cost balanced without other expenses. Amanda’s annual review is in March. Considered an additional review later in the year.

  • A side discussion about whether Tom could start serving a Hanky Panky in order to lure Paul Sulway into helping out with ads.

  • Equipment cost: Lots of big ticket items last year that will last years. Hard to exactly predict the expenses so planning to remain consistent.

  • 2020 emphasis on fundraising is about significantly growing our grant income.

  • Expect to maintain a relationship with Josef Krebs and company for consulting and grant writing.

  • VOTE: In favour of the budget for 2020. Passed.

  • VOTE: Formalise accounting of 2019 numbers. Passed..

19:08 - Annual Report Presentation & Awards

  • Nick has been crunching the database to get interesting insights.

  • Ben will look for some interesting listenership stats worth celebrating.

  • We should start taking manual records of weekly/monthly stats, since we don’t have an automated method.

  • Working on the physical awards — want to do something fun, don’t want to be wasteful.

  • Event is on the 26th.

Fundraiser Postmortem

  • It went really well! We beat the target: Raised > $20,000

  • 17 DJs made big contributions.

  • Gala was a huge success.

  • Some large donations straggling into 2020 (not counted yet, so a good new year bonus!)

New Partnerships

  • Salesforce/Transbay Park — Want to do a concert series. Budget is TBD.

    • Tentative plan: First Fridays lunchtime; noon–1:30pm

    • Investigate larger series ala MUSH later in the year.

  • We have a contact at the Ferry Building. No news yet.

  • Working with Sonny Smith on a live music concept.

Other Business

  • Motion to move Amanda’s future annual reviews (after this March) no later than December 15th each year (to align with budget revisions.) Passed.


    • Ben, Will, Tom

      • Plan Amanda’s annual review for March.

    • Ben

      • Stats for the report

        • Content on the site

        • Listenership

        • Archives played/shows created

    • Tom

      • Investigate bar-rewards as possible awards for the 26th.

    • Will

      • Work with Thor for his Feb 2nd event.

    • Amanda

      • Finish annual report

    • Forrest

      • State and Federal tax filings.

      • Shift focus to grant writing and board recruitment.

20:07 — Meeting adjourned.

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