May 2022

May 19, 2022, San Francisco


Opening Items

  • Review Agenda & Vote

  • Vote to approve previous minutes

Discussion Topics

  1. Committee Updates

    1. Events

    2. Marketing

      1. Marketing Committee inaugural meeting recap 5/10

      2. App Launch/OSL contest recap

    3. Fundraising

      1. GFTA application

      2. Applications for programming funds (if Ft Mason moves forward)and research

      3. New fundraising committee member?

      4. Mug Swap event

      5. Other fundraising events, slowsip sat.

    4. Tech

    5. Board Development

    6. Music

    7. Finance

  2. Review Action Items

    1. Amanda and Jenn meet on finance items and Jenn’s departure from the board

    2. Clair schedule check in on sponsorships for scavenger hunt with Amanda and Brandon

    3. Amanda to follow up with site visit at Ft. Mason.

    4. Clair will reach out to Ben on how to upload minutes.

  3. Mosswood Meltdown livestream

  4. Moving to quarterly board meetings

    1. Finance- need monthly report

    2. Analytics- app and website

    3. Fundraising- totals towards overall goal

Closing Items

  • Open for public comment

  • Any other business?


Scribe: Clair McDevitt


  • Erika Delgado, Events Director

  • Amanda Guest, Chair, Executive Director

  • Caryn Kesler, Vice Chair, Creative Director

  • Clair McDevitt, Secretary, Chair of Fundraising Committee

  • Brandon Paski, Chair of Marketing Committee

  • Ben Ward, Technical Director

Absent: None

6:06 pm — Convene, Vote on Agenda & Previous Minutes

Vote YES to approve the APRIL minutes.

Vote YES to adopt the proposed agenda.

6:07 pm— Committee Updates


  • event committee to meet regularly? Maybe get everyone together who’s booking to share info for promotions w/marketing committee, Make Out Room, etc.


  • Marketing Committee inaugural meeting 5/10

    • Meeting highlights: Action items master google doc for upcoming events, podcasts, promos anything station is doing. Getting regular cadence for email newsletter and social media. Meeting went really well.

  • App Launch/Outside Lands (OSL) contest recap

    • Getting a steady stream of entries for OSL contest, about 80. Social posts getting good traffic, everything went smoothly with launch.

  • Started research on trademarks and copyrights for stations.



  • GFTA application submitted

  • Applications for programming funds (if Ft Mason moves forward) and research in June.

  • Mug Swap event successful, about 30 participants, sold a couple Roll Over Easy Mugs and raised about $50.


  • New fundraising committee member: Met with Dana, a VC firm attorney. Has some good ideas she wants to explore, has a broad network but hasn’t yet struck on a company that seems like a good fit. Still working on it, thinking also about how to work with corporate culture teams at companies for entertainment or fundraising opportunities.

  • Need to do a Besties campaign as soon as possible. We’re down about 100 besties, our goal to get about 100 new besties.

  • Amanda: Need to demonstrate value add, will be natural attrition as some anchors to the station go away, if we’re able to communicate a little more effectively about what their money is going towards that may keep some people around longer.


  • Ben: We launched the app! Many thanks to everyone who helped with beta testing and feedback. Launch has gone pretty smoothly, not aware of any major problems. In the initial 48 hours after launch reached about 400 users. Active weekly users about 120, pretty flat 35 active users every day. Good metric in comparison to our other stream stats. On paper it looks like as many app users as previous streaming users. 2:1 allowing push notifications, haven’t sent any yet. Need to be cautious in what we push.

  • Music codex launched, should be good for SEO. People seem to like it. Integrated throughout creek, haven’t done promotion yet, will hold off until later in the year. Basically a database of everything we’ve played on BFF which is pretty cool. Creek now loads cover art. Attaches to codex pages, so now every new track we play has cover art, will allow us to do some customization of the app home screen now that we have cover art in our database.

  • The Tech Committee skipped a month. Lisa has stepped away. Lydia is now chair and secretary, needs more support so talking about how we want to move the committee forward. Met this week, think there's still a barrier to joining, and the perception that tech skills are needed when what we need is to build a community of people who can share ideas. Need to try to make it easier to participate. Getting committee schedule set is key,

Amanda: would also revisit the timing, because Fridays at noon may not be great anymore. After work may be better than midday.

Ben: will bring that back to Lydia to revisit the schedule.

Board Development

  • Amanda: We need a new treasurer. If everyone could ask around, there’s two ways to approach: finding somebody like Jenn who is CPA or has finance experience, or getting someone without and hiring a bookkeeper. The treasurer would be responsible for oversight of the bookkeeper.

  • Ben, Amanda and Clair have done outreach, more is necessary.

Music - no updates

Finance - no updates

6:50 pm — Review Action Items

Action Item A: Amanda and Jenn meet on finance items and Jenn’s departure from the board

  1. Got everything mostly taken care of for 2022. Jen filed extension for fed taxes, Amanda got notice for city taxes. May 31 is deadline. Jen is away until end of month, hoping can sort that out.

Action Item B: Clair schedule check in on sponsorships for scavenger hunt with Amanda and Brandon.

  • Done, not doing the hunt, focusing our resources on other things with possibility of a smaller hunt in partnership with Vibemap.

Action Item C: Amanda to follow up with site visit at Ft. Mason.

  • Amanda is reaching out to Nick again to schedule a second visit.

Action Item D: Clair will reach out to Ben on how to upload minutes.

  • Resolved, will reach out to Ben if there are other issues.

6:59 pm — Other business

  • Mosswood Meltdown was Burger Boogaloo, The Complex is doing the livestream. George asked if we would pay for him to do streaming at the show. $3,000 for the weekend. We had earmarked money for him to stream the Besties Bash and haven’t started that yet so thought this was feasible. Amoeba is a major sponsor, and wants to run ads during the streaming. Hasn’t been any talk about how BFF is represented in this. If Amanda gets a meeting Brandon will join

    • Brandon, would like to know sponsor levels and what that includes.

    • Amanda wants to see a combination of acknowledgement in livestream and in person. Want to get DJs involved in hosting.

  • Moving to quarterly board meetings, we have been talking about this for awhile, this can allow everyone chairing a committee to focus on those meetings instead of monthly board meetings. Minutes from committee meetings have been helpful to see what everybody’s up to. If we can keep momentum maybe we don’t need to meet monthly. Could have ad hoc meetings instead. Would want to make sure incorporating:

    • Finance- need monthly report

    • Analytics- app and website

    • Fundraising- totals towards overall goal

Clair: meet every other month instead, quarterly meetings could be too long.

Amanda: would need everyone to have access to meeting minutes, keep up with other committees.

Ben: Getting access to other committee minutes would be helpful, we can imitate when things prove effective. That would help us stay in touch and could focus on bigger strategic stuff. Could also sit in on each other’s committee meetings when we have time. Reduce the pressure on this being the one time we catch up would make quarterly viable.

Caryn, fine with bimonthly

Ben and Brandon agree.

Amanda, yeah maybe we start there. We don’t have a treasurer right now, would send monthly P&L and bring quarterly to the board meeting. Would we want a regular analytics report?

Brandon: I would love to have any analytics on listening to bring back to the marketing committee to assess what is and isn’t working.

Amanda: Brandon, could you ask Paul if he could do that?

Clair: events attendance in person v. streaming.

Bradon: could we use Zapier?

Ben: depends on data source. Also trak metrics more frequently, create google sheet with monthly data.

Clair: I have a metrics dashboard, I can share.

Ben: I would like to see what others gather. Can aggregate data thru google, PMA for app, empire for streaming, other platforms.

Amanda: tabs for board analytics, each committee to share links to minutes.

7:27 pm — Public Comments

  • No public comments this month.

7:28 pm — Any other business

  • Amanda: feeling really good about the marketing committee, volunteers for Besties Bash, positive momentum right now, people are excited to connect in person. We should try to keep things moving so people have more opportunities to connect with each other.

  • Clair: come to Saturday’s slow sip event.

7:32 pm — Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting of the board is scheduled for 6 pm on July 21, 2022. See for more information.

Action Items

  • Eddie: convene events committee, Amanda send contact details to Eddie

  • Clair: convene Bestie sustainer campaign meeting

  • Brandon: Ask Paul for Google analytics, pull social analytics.

  • Clair: share metrics dashboard.

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