November 2022

November 17, 2022, San Francisco


  • Review Agenda & Vote

  • Vote to approve previous minutes

Discussion Topics

  1. Committee Updates

    1. Events

    2. Marketing

    3. Fundraising

    4. Tech

    5. Board Development

    6. Music

    7. Finance

  2. Review Action Items

Closing Items

  • Open for public comment

  • Any other business?



  • Amanda Guest, Chair, Executive Director

  • Caryn Kesler, Vice Chair, Creative Director

  • Irving Pham, Treasurer

  • Clair McDevitt, Secretary, Chair of Fundraising Committee

  • Ben Ward, Technical Director


  • Erika Delgado, Events Director

  • Brandon Paski, Chair of Marketing Committee

6:08 pm — Convene, Vote on Agenda & Previous Minutes

Vote YES to approve the JULY and August minutes.

Vote YES to adopt the proposed agenda.

6:09 pm— Committee Updates


  • Makeout Room event shifting. Attendance hasn’t been building w/ people generally not going to many shows. Talked with booking manager at Knockout Room, gave us monthly first Thurs starting Dec. 1. Dan and Penny booking regularly and perhaps others. Doing Karaoke at Makeout Room on Dec. 7. Pilot, think it will be successful.

  • Amanda and Eddie to meet re: besties bash

  • Amanda and Brandon to meet about holiday party - lot of setup of gala with bands.


  • Brandon is away, will send update to everyone


  • No updates on pending grant applications

  • Amanda getting GFTA documents in line, working with insurance company for proof of coverage through June.

  • Off air fundraising at $3,000. Participation has been good, goal is $15,000. Last year everyone met goal at the last minute.

  • DJ interested in helping with underwriting. Used to do sponsorships at KQED. Already has some ideas of who to approach and how to make sponsorships more saleable.

  • End of year campaign starts in Dec., all board members should reach out to people in their networks.


  • Tech Committee meets tomorrow.

  • All of donations and fundraising on web and in app now go through givebutter and all of links to kindful being removed

  • Glitches to the server mentioned last month seem to have been resolved.

  • Kelly working on Spotify playlist is talking to DJs who use it for more info.

  • WOrking with Forrest so can take over hosting of doorbot. That runs on his personal server and we’re working on moving it. Patrick and Ben are still waiting to start backing up Forrest once he documents and does a brief walkthrough of his tasks with them.

  • Did a deep dive on how Discord works just to gather data if we want to run one. Not sure yet if wold advocate for it, but we have info if we need it if Twitter explodes. New tech committee member is enthusiastic to get us on Mastodon. Trying to make sure we’re in position to support a new platform if needed.

Amanda - Seems some people aren’t seeing BFF communications. We should look into a mechanism by which we can text DJs

Ben - for texting Google voice makes sense to look at, could have shared access so texts don’t go through Amanda’s personal number. Messages could maybe get forwarded into something else for visibility.

We’re changing how email is forwarded, switching everyone over to gmail, DJs will have to forward email to other accounts on their own. Will probably be some challenges as people aren’t getting emails. Due to switch off on that next week. Amanda will also send the announcement.

Board Development

  • Discussion we had about a separate fundraising advisory board at the retreat. Will discuss at next Fundraising Committee meeting


  • Possible #TotalSF show collaboration with SF Chronicle.

  • Possible music on JFK @ Biergarten w/ Al as sponsor.

  • DJ on JFK? Luke will talk to Parks Alliance about funds outside grants program for DJs, will look at possibilities. Clair will follow up with Amanda and then reach out to Al.


  • Month to month donations are steady, with increase with Sept. fundraiser. DJ dues remain stable.

  • Amanda - Kindful paid upfront until July, will cancel then. Need to figure out data backup and recurring subscriptions.

6:54 pm— Review Action Items

  • Clair ask Green Apple for gift certs for next Thurs. Raffle. Get info from Amanda. - DONE.

  • Everyone: at next committee meetings, come up with a list of top metrics to share. - Amanda reviewed, committees should review one last time

  • Amanda: continue planning committee night.

  • From Board retreat: Amanda to follow up with Sacramento station re: rebroadcast of shows.

6:55 — Public Comments - none

6:56 - Other Business

  • Strategic plan - volunteers to do SOAR interviews and pro bono consultant/Lydia to conduct interviews. Last time one volunteer conducted 10 interviews, hoping we can do 15-20 interviews this time. Taproot especially Interested in talking to musicians and artists. Maybe find five bands from the Bay Area and incorporate their findings. Goal to conduct interviews between now and Jan.

  • The Lorde of the Lair is coming back for his Thanksgiving show.

7:03 — Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting of the board is scheduled for 6pm on JANUARY 19, 2023. See for more information.

Action Items

  • Amanda and Eddie to meet re: besties bash

  • Amanda and Brandon to meet about holiday party

  • Clair will sked fundraising committee mtg with Amanda; conversation about separate fundraising advisory board; Parks Alliance and Al and music, etc.

  • Irving add givebutter campaign to DJ dues accounting.

  • All of us, reach out to people in our networks for end of year fundraising

  • Amanda: continue planning committee night.

  • Amanda follow up with Sac station and Public Press

  • Brandon - proposal for Noisepop partnership.

  • Clair - add strat plan section to agenda for upcoming meetings

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