June 2021

June 17th 2021, San Francisco (Remote)


Opening Items

  • Review Agenda & Vote [Secretary]

  • Vote to approve previous minutes [Secretary]

Discussion Topics

  1. Committee Updates

  2. Review Action Items

  3. Returning to studios

  4. Partnerships

  5. Scavenger Hunt- review PR proposal

Closing Items

  • Open for public comment

  • Any other business?


Scribe: Caryn Kesler


  • Erika Delgado, Events Director

  • Amanda Guest, Chair, Executive Director

  • Caryn Kesler, Vice Chair, Creative Director

  • Jenn Lemon, Treasurer

  • Brandon Paski


  • Ben Ward, Secretary, Technical Director

18:05 - Convene, Vote on Agenda & Previous Minutes

Voted YES to approve the May minutes.

Voted YES to adopt the proposed agenda.

18:07 - Committee Updates


Besties Bash was yesterday, went well. Are now thinking about when we can do indoor Besties Bashes.

Amanda has spoken to Noel about the Secret Alley, figuring out if other tenants will be ok with the noise. Will be working out how they want to handle in-person events going forward.

Based on conversations in Slack, might be able to have events at the Complex, Amanda and Eddie to talk to Devin.

Potential partnership with Eli/Throwing Bos, more updates to come. Conversations just starting.

Snaps for Brandon for web hosting the Besties Bash.


Brandon met with Red Bay Coffee about some partner events at the Ferry Building.

Brandon’s first ticket giveaway is coming up. He’s working on scheduling a meeting with Noise Pop about being a part of the 20th St Block Party.

Brandon, Clair, and Amanda met to discuss email strategy/marketing and donors.


No plans right now for a summer fundraiser.

Launched a fundraiser w/ Roll Over Easy and Amos Goldbaum. Going well so far, have made over $1200 with 2 weeks to go.

New email templates for Emma.

Heard back about a COVID grant, but didn’t get it. That particular grant had a huge response, so they’re going to do a second round and we’re going to try for round 2.

We purchased a new PA system, covered via fundraising.


Notes from Ben in absentia

  • Although Empire didn’t send us any confirmation, the BFF.fm iOS app is functioning again. Empire have not yet explained the fault or how long it was broken for.

  • Besties Backer page still ticking away on the back burner: Allison says she’s available to contribute after a busy month, so trying to tick that along

  • Ben is back on 24th, has wisdom tooth surgery on 30th, so expect slow reintegration into things.

  • Shipped Creek update to make publication stage obvious for broadcasts and reduce cases of DJs not publishing per-record broadcasts and missing the automation system.

Board Development

Clair has requested to join the Board to lead the fundraising committee. The board to review next month.


Local Music channel set up in Slack. Devin has been diving into being the local music director - he’s working with others to start brainstorming ideas. He wants to survey bands to see how we can help them in the local music scene.


No updates this month

Action Items

Help with outdoor event ideas

Still looking for outdoor venues

Amanda to follow up with Devin, inviting him to become the local music director

He’s set up as the local music director, has minions, things are happening

Action item: have a meeting/gather taskforce for planning the Scavenger Hunt

Going to work on this when Ben is back

Amanda working on the strategic plan

All committees coalescing after the pandemic, going to wait a little longer

Caryn: window graphic for ferry building, will meet up with Amanda

Going to revisit after Caryn’s arm is better

18:28 - Returning to Studio

Have invited people to be back in the studio from 8am to 10pm. Everyone is mostly back or coming back soon.

Have had the conversation with DJs who have left the Bay Area about scheduling.

10 shows are moving around in July.

18:31 - Partnerships

Covered in the marketing update

Cuesa event led to them offering us other events, a BFF dj will be DJing this Saturday at a Juneteenth event. They love us now.

The Ferry Building has also booked bff to dj 3 more events over the summer.

18:34 - Scavenger hunt

We have $10k in pledges, but have only received a portion of that, which is concerning.

Amanda has a PR proposal from a contract communications strategist. There are 2 package options, lower tier at $3k, and a more robust strategy for $6k. The board should review the PR proposal, come back with questions/thoughts, and we’ll consider taking the risk once we get a little further in the Scavenger Hunt planning process.

Incentivize bands with profit-sharing? We need a trophy.

19:03 - Public Comments

  • No public comments this month.

19:04 - Any other business?

  • When will the board meet in person again

19:10 - Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting of the BFF.fm board is scheduled for 6pm on July 15th 2021. See https://board.bff.fm for more information.

Action Items

  • The board to review PR proposal

  • Tinytivities

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