October 2020

October 15th 2020, San Francisco


Opening Items

  • Review Agenda & Vote [Ben]

  • Vote to approve previous minutes [Ben]

Discussion Topics

Prior to the meeting, please add items for discussion here:

  1. Committee Reports

    1. Tech Committee- Ben to begin holding structured meetings

    2. Events Committee- would like to recruit livestream help

    3. Board Development Committee- BFF.fm really needs a Treasurer who is not Forrest. Maybe we need to give everyone the action item of seeking potential candidates?

  2. Update on Ferry Building

    1. Impacts on fundraising

    2. Impact on our relationship with The Secret Alley

  3. Performance review planning: Creation of agenda for Executive Director review.

Closing Items

  • Open for public comment

  • Any other business?


Scribe: Ben Ward


  • Amanda Guest, Chair, Executive Director

  • Caryn Kesler, Creative Director

  • Tom Tierney, Vice Chair

  • Ben Ward, Secretary, Technical Director


  • Erika Delgado, Events Director

18:15 – Convene, Vote on Agenda & Previous Minutes

Present majority votes YES to approve the September minutes.

Present majority votes YES to adopt the proposed minutes.

18:17 – Committee Reports


  • Looking to get more people involved in the Besties Bash — especially for streaming and video editing.

  • Next Bashie Bash should be at the end of the month, fits with halloween.


  • Podcast launched, final clean-up in progress.

  • Trying to pick out the final stats provider for the podcast network.

  • Ben tried to kick off a fresh round of involvement with the tech committee to set up “office hours” style meeting process.


  • Forrest running budget again for next year to determine how much we’d need to raise at the end of the year.

  • Noting that we did have to dip into the savings float for the first time; so things are a little tight.

  • We lost 10 bestie supporters over the course of the year, and we’ve had a reduction in DJs paying dues.

  • EOY fundraiser emails will go out in about 3 weeks.

Board Development

  • We really need a treasurer who isn’t Forrest. Need to prioritize recruitment.


  • Ads: Meeting next week w/ Paul to determine podcast network ad strategy.

  • Press: Great press for the Ferry Building, didn’t get much cross-over to podcast network, but drove big website visit boost.

18:42 — Ferry Building Studio

  • Lots to talk about!

  • We moved in last week, under a time-crunch to get visible by October 8th to coincide with the event.

  • SFGate and Examiner came to take photos, interviews and got press. We were on the front page of the Examiner!

  • Has prompted a flurry of donations, which is also great.

  • Ferry Building are really thrilled too, seems to be appetite for future planning.

  • Focus now is to dial it in, build out the schedule.

  • We still have some additional insurance costs to incur before the end of the year.

  • BurritoJustice stopped by Roll Over Easy this morning and took pictures too.

  • We’ve also had new DJ applications for new shows off the back of the visibility.

19:00 — Secret Alley Studios

  • We still don’t really have use of the studios in the Alley, things for the future are a bit unclear due to the pandemic. Secret Alley are planning fundraisers of their own.

  • We do still want to operate at least two studios — continuing to support recording is something we want to do.

19:35 — Performance review planning

  • We’ve reviewed Josef’s input and some of the external links we will put together an outline of the review; it will be based around the organization goals, with a breakdown of the headings we want to answer.

  • From that outline we will all review, and agree that we have the knowledge to answer them, or if there are others off the board whose input needs to be asked.

  • Caryn and Tom will prepare that outline and distribute to the group. We’ll sign off on that at the next board meeting, and finalize how missing info will be gathered.

20:12 — Any other business

  • No public comments.

  • No other business.

20:13 — Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting of the BFF.fm board is scheduled for 6pm on November 18th. See https://board.bff.fm for more information.

Action Items

Board member to send a meeting summary to the BFF.fm community: XXXX

  • Amanda

    • Put together end of year fundraising plan and budget

  • Ben

    • Set up a bi-weekly BFF Open Hours for drop in tech/creative/etc.

    • Set up Board Slack reminder

  • Caryn

    • Create BFF.fm brand compliant party parrot GIF

    • With Tom, prepare the outline for Amanda’s Annual Review.

  • Tom

    • With Caryn, prepare the outline for Amanda’s Annual Review.

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